Current Pilot sites infrastructure and lighting requirements

There will be four pilot sites where energy efficient street lighting using LITES technologywill be implemented. They are planned for the Municipality of Bordeaux in France, Riga Technical University campus in Latvia and the Universidade de Aveiro in Portugal. All efficiency factors will be optimized at the sites to generate a significant energy saving during the course ofthe project.

Demonstrations of Computerized simulations of four Pilot lightings sites

The LITES project technical team has prepared the Pilot Site computerized simulations. These simulations show LITES luminaires provide light output of much higher quality compared to existing HPS lamps. Moreover, lighting uniformity is improved.

LNT raidījums par viedo ielu apgaismošanas sistēmu Ķīpsalā (ar saiti uz video)

RTU Industriālās elektronikas un elektrotehnikas institūta zinātnieki Eiropas Komisijas 7. Ietvarprogrammas projekta LITES laikā kopā ar ārzemju kolēģiem izstrādā viedu ielu apgaismojuma sistēmu, kas elektroenerģijas patēriņu ļaus samazināt līdz 70–80%.

RTU zinātnieki projekta laikā izstrādā autonomā gaismekļa barošanas bloku ar vadības sistēmu.

The LITES in Regional review for OPEN DAYS

The eighth OPEN DAYS – European Week of Regions and Cities, opens on 4 October in Brussels. Organised annually by the European Commission and the EU Committee of the Regions, over 6 000 regional and local representatives will take part in this years four-day event. Under the heading "Europe 2020: competitiveness, co-operation and cohesion for all regions”, OPEN DAYS will provide a forum for exchanging ideas on the role of Europes regions and cities in delivering the Europe 2020 strategy.

LITES project presentation in Riga City Council

LITES project was presented at Riga City Council Riga Renewed project group meeting.  The “Sustainable Energy Plan for Latvia” was discussed in the meeting. The LITES Riga team was invited to inform about energy efficient lighting technologies being developed in LITES project. The participants were very interested in the planed outcomes of the project and new intelligent LED light energy saving opportunities.

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